sarah riazati

currently a researcher at fabrica in treviso, italy. formerly a video producer at cornerstone agency & the fader magazine in nyc. permanent student of visual communication, design & technology.


adventures in video

cooking up meteors with aaron paul & friends (co-director, animator)

joey bada$$ & the pro era tour documentary (director)

birds of istanbul (director)

submarine bass face (director)

matt and kim lightning tour documentary (director)

i think his name was warren (animator)

converse cons ep intervews (director / animator)

fader tv interviews riff raff (director)

at home with action bronson (camera)

joey bada$$ unorthodox lyric video (director)

making noise (director)


experiments in code

selfies in italy

pick a place video blender

beach noir (tumblr theme)

nyc 13 (tumblr theme)