Web Development & UX Design

I design user interfaces and develop front-end code with an emphasis on accessibility, animation and performance optimization. I love collaborating with designers to produce bespoke websites that load quickly on any device and look beautiful in all browsers. I work with clients to create seamless editorial workflows and custom content management systems. I build websites using a variety of tools, include Vue, Sanity, Netlify, Wordpress, Shopify and GSAP.

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Recent projects

  • Roots of Resistance

    digital museum exhibit

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  • 3x13

    interactive dance film

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  • Otherlove

    branding agency portfolio

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  • Pretty in the Pines

    lifestyle influencer blog

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  • Advocates for Minor Leaguers

    nonprofit advocating for minor league baseball players

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  • Once Gathered

    florist portfolio

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  • Tchotchkes Design Studio

    interior design studio portfolio

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  • Pause

    clinic offering virtual menopause consultation

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  • W/ Compliments

    online store for curated gifts

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